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Originally from southern California I have called Boston my home since college. By day I'm a just your average financial services "grunt" but my real passion is when I have my camera in my hands roaming around a city capturing all that it has to offer.

I discovered photography while in college and met a dear friend who was willing to mentor me and allow me full access to a darkroom whenever I needed one. I fell in love with the entire process, shooting, developing & printing and would get lost in there for hours at a time.

I enjoy architecture and Boston presents a wonderful world of opportunities just outside of my front door but I don't classify myself as an "Urban" photographer. To me cities present so many things along with all the angles and perspectives that buildings have to offer and even landscapes if you know where to look.

Having grown up in sunny L.A. I definitely appreciate the seasons. As the site progresses I hope to reflect what each season means to me from behind my own lens and whichever city or location I happen to be. Progress not perfection.